Architec Stretch Cooking Band, 2-Inch, Package 25, Assorted Colors

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  • Stretch Hot Cooking Bands by Architec are a reusable alternative to kitchen twine, skewers and toothpicks when cooking in the oven
  • Heat-safe up to 600 Fahrenheit & 350 Celcius; also safe for use in freezer, microwave, deep fryer, rotisserie and on the grill
  • Pack of 25 bands; each measures 2-inches relaxed but can stretch to fit a turkey; tie two or more bands together for extra large food items
  • 5 of each color, use colors to indicate doneness of meat on the grill
  • Dishwasher safe; built to last, meant to be reused year after year

Stretch Hot Cooking Bands are an award winning design from Architec. These 2-inch bands will replace butcher twine or toothpicks when cooking. They are heat resistant up to 600-degrees farenheit (350 degrees Celcius) and can also be used on the grill, griddle or rotisserie. Made of 100-percent medical grade silicone, the Stretch Hot Cooking Bands are food safe, freezer safe, deep fry safe, microwave safe and dishwasher safe. 2-inch bands can stretch to fit up to 20-pound turkey and old smaller items such as a bunch of asparagus or a fillet mingon. Use the different colors as markers for doneness when grilling. The Architec brand offers an assortment of frequently used kitchen items which were created by applying basic principles of architecture & engineering to improve their beauty and function; resulting in a better experience in the kitchen for you!

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