Gameboy Shaped Christmas Tree Ornaments, Gift for Video Gamer

Are you Gamer enough to own this handmade piece of art?
Is your Gamer cred on point?
Do you have the ca$h to pay for it?

If you, or a gamer you know, are addicted to all things Nintendo AND you like to own cool things, then you should buy this.
I made it as a Christmas Tree ornament because it's Christmas time, but don't let the holidays get in the way of whether you buy this bad boy or not.
I can literally make them at any time during the year and you don't even have to stick them on your tree.
Gift it to anyone who plays video games. If they don't appreciate it then keep it for yourself and top their most recent video game achievement.

A few examples of other uses:
-You can keep them on your desk at work as a reminder that there are cooler things than work and one of them is sitting on your desk
-You can sit with it at the end of a dock and pretend you are reliving that time you were the GOAT at Tetris (back in 1989)
-Write something clever on it and leave it under someones windshield wiper outside of Gamestop

There are no batteries and the fun times are endless.

5-inches high
3.25-inches wide
.5-inches depth
A direct quote from one of my neighbors, "Looks kind of rustic" (and kick ass).

Chalkboard paint on the screen...write your feelings in the small space provided.
I'd recommend using a chalk pencil for better control since the space is small.
I even drilled a little hole on the top for a hook. If you want, i'll even include a wire hook. Just ask.
If you don't want the little hole for the hook I can just make you one without it. Just ask

* I'm not a paint expert so please don't let your kids stick this in their mouths. I mean, I used paint from a store that has aisles of paint so i'm sure it can, at the very least, go on your walls. In one of those aisles I was like, "oh this looks like a cool color. i'll get that." That was my criteria.

Made to order takes about 3 days.
Thanks for your support!

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