HIC Harold Import Co.. Traditional Soft Boiled Egg Cups Fine Porcelain Set Of 6

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  • HIC Single Egg Cups holds soft-boiled and hard-boiled eggs securely for serving and enjoying while still in their shell
  • Eggs stand upright for easier handling and less mess
  • Elevates eggs and adds stability; creates an elegant presentation at any table
  • Made from fine-quality porcelain; won’t transfer odors, colors or flavors between uses
  • Durable, versatile, microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher safe

HICs Single Egg Cups are used for serving and enjoying soft boiled and hard boiled eggs while still in their shell. Eggs have played a starring role in food culture since the dawn of time and the use of egg cups dates back to 18th century BC. Egg cups carefully cradle boiled eggs holding them upright for easier eating with less mess. The classic design of HICs Single Egg Cup with its gently curved pedestal elevates the egg for easier handling for a certain elegant presentation at any table. Easy to use. Simply place the soft boiled or hard boiled egg, pointy end up into the bowl of the egg cup. To access the portion of egg inside gently tap the shell with a knife or spoon around its circumference to crack it below the pointy tip. Remove the top then scoop out and enjoy every delicious bite. Dunk buttered toast cut into strips traditionally called toast soldiers or triangle shaped toast points into the yolk. Made from fine quality porcelain,

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