Japanese Rice, Quinoa and Small Grains Washing Colander


Inomata's Rice Washing Bowl is a specially designed Japanese rice washing bowl with a solid bottom and side drain for soaking and thoroughly washing rice before cooking. A thorough cleansing in the Rice Washer can significantly reduce toxins and chemical levels incurred during the growing process. Easy to use. For rice recipes that call for soaking the rice before it's cooked, measure in desired amount of rice and add enough fresh water to cover it. Allow it to sit for the instructed amount of time. To clean, cover rice with fresh water and vigorously swish fingers through. Loose rice bran or starch, husks, and other debris will float above the rice and be easily exit through the side drain. Repeat this process until water is no longer cloudy. Works with all types of rice, including brown rice, jasmine rice, even black, basmati, wild, white and short grain rice, sometimes called sticky rice due to it's glue-like quality when cooked. The Rice Washing Bowl also doubles as a multipurpose kitchen strainer for washing fruits and vegetables, legumes, barley and other larger grains. Made in Japan from food-grade plastic, it's BPA free and top-rack dishwasher safe.

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