Joie Hot Oven Rack and Toaster Rack Puller

by Joie
Sold out

Joie's Silicone Devil Stick safely pulls hot bakeware and oven racks closer to protect hands and arms against dangerous burns when reaching into hot ovens. Like a helpful hand extension, this little devil is happy to assist. The open-mouth feature securely hooks onto the edges of baking dishes and the oven rack. The open notch is specially designed to either pull baking dishes closer, or push oven racks back into place and protect skin for better kitchen safety. Great for maneuvering toaster oven racks too. Whimsical, yet useful gadgets and gizmos make cooking easier and fun, and brings more joy to the task. Fun kitchen gadgets make clever gifts, too! Compact for easy storage. Made from non-stick silicone that's heat safe (to 536-degrees Fahrenheit), sturdy, durable, and easy to clean. Hand wash in warm, soapy water.

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