Joie Guacamole Bowl Food Saver, Perfect for Serving Two

by Joie

Joie’s Guacamole Bowl safely serves guacamole and stores leftovers in the fridge to preserve freshness longer for less waste. Nothing beats the bright green color and creamy texture of fresh guacamole. Joie’s Guacamole Bowl seals air out to slow down the oxidation process and helps retain flavor and that fresh green color. Its generous 12-ounce capacity holds 4-6 portions for serving and entertaining. A helpful addition to refrigerator accessories and food storage containers for avocado enthusiasts, the unique design keeps space organized and makes it easy to identify in a crowded fridge. Contents are clearly displayed through the transparent lid. Sturdy and durable, is reusable and economical to help reduce food waste and save money by eliminating the use of food storage bags, cling wrap or aluminum foil. It’s a perfect choice for sustainable living and zero waste homes. Compact in size, it saves precious space in refrigerator drawers or on shelves, and stows easily in the kitchen gadget drawer when not in use. Made from BPA-free, FDA-approved ABS plastic, Joie’s Guacamole Bowl is sturdy and durable. Hand wash in warm, soapy water. Joie, by MSC International, brings a creative side to cooking and entertaining with an original-design approach to unique kitchen gadgets and colorful kitchen utensils, all highly functional kitchen items with just the right amount of whimsy. This is not a party size guacamole bowl.  The size is appropriate for serving two.

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