Joie Modern Sink Strainer & Plug, Black or Red

by Joie
Sold out

Joie's Sink Stopper and Drain Strainer, also called a basket strainer, plugs sink drains to collect water as needed for washing dishes and produce. The mesh strainer allows water to flow through freely while collecting unwanted bits of food and debris to keep sinks free from clogged drains. No more fishing jewelry and other small objects from the drain! Great for all sink drains, including the kitchen sink, bathroom, laundry, and workshop utility sinks, even garbage disposals. They make cleaning easier and bring a touch of style. These colorful yet functional sink accessories make clever gifts, too! Joie's sink strainer won't rust. Easy to use, simply place it into the sink trap to catch debris. Push the knob downward to stop up the drain and collect water. Pull upward to release the water and drain the sink. Empty the strainer basket, as needed, and rinse clean. Hand wash with warm, soapy water when necessary.

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