Marcato Atlas Flour Dusting Dispenser, Red

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Atlas Dispenser gently dusts a light coating of flour or cornmeal onto work surfaces to keep dough from sticking, or dusting the dough itself for a less-gooey kneading process. Made in Italy with a beautiful contoured design for comfortable use, it's perfect for decorating baked goods with sugars and spices and even topping hot chocolate, cappuccinos,and craft-cocktails for a decorative and professional finish. A great addition to kitchen gadgets and baking supplies for bakers, cake decorators and pastry chefs, as well as baristas and mixologists. The fine-mesh screen lightly dusts rolling pins, kneading boards, and dough to keep bread, pasta and pizza doughs from sticking. Easily coat baking pans and cookie sheets in preparation for baking cakes or making cookie recipes, dust cinnamon or cocoa over hot chocolate, stencil designs on cappuccinos, dust semolina or cornmeal onto pizza stones, and so much more. Made in Italy from anodized aluminum to be lightweight yet strong. Simply wipe with a dry brush or cloth. Available exclusively from HIC, Harold Import Co. Includes 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

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