Marcato Atlas Pasta Pastry Dough Cutter Crimper Wheel, Blue

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Atlas Pasta Wheel quickly cuts strips from sheets of dough, with a variety of decorative edges, and seals edges to lock in delicious pasta fillings. Whether it's pasta dough, pie crust, or cookie dough, easily cut either straight or zigzag edges with just a quick roll of the wheel. Made in Italy with a lightweight, yet sturdy and comfortable handle for easy maneuvering. The 3 interchangeable wheels install and remove quickly for multiple edge styles. Use the flat wheel for making straight cuts and the small or large zigzag wheels for different-sized fluted edges and to easily seal edges of filled pasta to lock in ravioli fillings. Great for cutting lasagna, farfalle, and decorative edges on pastry and lattice pie crusts, and sealing ravioli. Made in Italy from anodized aluminum to be light and strong, Atlas Pasta Wheel is comfortable, and easy to use and clean. Simply wipe with a dry brush or cloth.  Includes 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

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