Saute and Plating Tong, Set of 2, Stainless Steel

  • Hic’s saute and plating tong set for frying, sauteing, turning, and serving foods and creating delicately impressive and artful food presentations
  • Made from Stainless Steel; sturdy and durable; set includes 1 each saute tong (11. 81-Inches) and plating tong (5. 63-Inches)
  • Saute tong with long, extra-flexible bowed handles, narrow profile, and serrated tips fit into tight spaces, grip food securely, and keep hands safe
  • Tapered plating tong with curved textured tips gently places delicate microgreens, herbs, and tiny vegetables to create visually pleasing dishes
  • Ideal for creating everyday meals, elegant dishes and entertaining guests at social affairs to impress; dishwasher safe for easy cleanup

Hic’s saute and plating tong set makes cooking, food preparation, and dish presentation A breeze! These tongs are specially designed for frying, sauteing, turning, and plating foods, and creating delicately artful presentations that will impress any guest. Both are made from Stainless Steel to be sturdy and durable. The saute tong features specially designed bowed handles that are flexible for a super secure grip to tackle everyday cooking tasks with the most comfort. Serrated tips grab and hold onto foods securely for easy maneuvering. Its narrow profile with longer handles easily reaches into tight spaces while keeping hands safe. Once food is plated, use hic’s plating tong to transform dishes into culinary visions that excite all of the senses. Foods arranged in beautiful presentations are more irresistible and impressive when first engaging the eye. This tool assists in the precision placement of delicate food elements for elegant and decorative culinary creations. The specially tapered ends are textured to offer a gentle, yet secure grasp on tinier items and delicate foods. Much like a specialty Tweezer for plating food, It allows precise arrangement of delicate items, like microgreens, herbs, tiny vegetables, fragile sugar work, and more. The curved tips help reach over other elements with complete control and allow perfect placement in more challenging spaces. Both tongs are useful additions to kitchen utensils and store easily in a kitchen gadget drawer or utensil holder. These essential cooking tools are ideal for creating everyday meals, elegant dishes and entertaining guests at social affairs that are to impress. Made from Stainless Steel, hic’s saute and plating tongs are strong, durable, and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

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