Slice Mini Safety Cutter, Ceramic Blade, Green, Set of 2

by Slice
  • Cutting tool that’s quick, easy and safe; Set of 2
  • Features a high-tech ceramic blade that’s almost as hard as diamonds; lasts longer than steel and never rusts
  • Built-in magnet and key-ring hole
  • Perfect for scrapbooking, news articles, coupons, art projects and plastic packages

What Are Slice Ceramics? The Original 'iSlice' Slice Safety Cutter Features a Finger-Friendly microscopic Slice ceramic blade that's a quick, easy and safe substitute for scissors or traditional safety knives. Perfect for removing shrink-wrap, thin film, opening clamshell plastic packaging and flexible packaging, paper, paper rolls, and more. Extreme couponers can reduce clipping time by 50%. Used by thousands of manufacturing facilities and millions of homes world-wide to reduce injuries and lower costs. Built-in magnet and key-ring hole. Set of 2.

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