Wobble Wedges Leveling Shims for Fixing Wobbly Restaurant Tables, Set of 12

  • Leveling shims; 12 shims in all
  • Shims are perfect for leveling plumbing fixtures, fountains and statuary, furniture and appliances
  • Made of Polypropylene; provides consistent expansive / stabilizing force when compressed between two surfaces
  • Protect wood finishes while clamping,Creates a firm grip on slick floors and also reduces rattling sounds by absorbing vibration
  • Made in the USA

The number of uses for these leveling shims is like space...infinite.
Use them for:

  • adjusting wobbly table legs
  • fixing or leveling a wobbly toilet
  • level a dresser on carpet or hardwood floor
  • leveling furniture
  • having trouble keeping those automatic doors open on your Starship or Spaceship? just jam one of these shims in there.  it works 100% of the time 30% of the time

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